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Latinx Heritage Month: Home

Celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 - October 15) with these resources!

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Coming To Terms With “Latinx”

DACA Resources


National Hispanic Heritage Month Theme

Google Arts & Culture

Formation: The Little Known History Of The Brown Berets

Teach Latin America

¡Huelga! A Social Studies Unit on the Farm Worker Movement


5 Latin American Land Defenders Standing Up to Goliath Corporations

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National Hispanic Heritage Month

Educator Guides

Smithsonian Latino Center

Anacostia Community Museum

Teaching for Change

This New Exhibit Shows How Latino and African-American Solidarity Built a Better Austin

This Afro-Latina’s Feminist Bookstore Is Building Community in Gentrifying Crown Heights

LGBTQ Brazilian Councilwoman Assassinated

Latino Anti-Black Bias and the Census Categorization of Latinos

Telling our Stories

What It’s Like to Embrace Your Blackness When Your Latino Family Doesn’t

Nuestras Historias: African Presence in Mexico

Black in Latin America

This Woman Is Using Early 20th Century Postcards to Learn About Nicaragua's Afro-Indigenous Population

Latino Youth Community History Project

Culture List

"Los Angeles Teachers" Mural of Jaime Escalante and Edward James Olmos

 Artist: Juan Hector Ponce


¡Palante Siempre Palante!: The Young Lords

East L.A., 1968: ‘Walkout!’ The day high school students helped ignite the Chicano power movement Louis Sahagun

From labor movements to TV, museum collections tell the stories of Latinos

Braceros returning home ride a bus departing from Stockton, Calif. in 1956. This image by Leonard Nadel is in the collection of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History.

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