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Maker Edcamp DC

Sessions and Presenters

Here are some of the presenters and session ideas! More will be added as presenters sign up.

Trevor Aleo

Charles J. Colgan High School

Session Ideas: 

Fostering student voice through podcasting

Make thinking visible: Brainstorming, planning and inquiring through edstorming

Matt Barinholtz


Future Makers

Session Ideas: 

Accessible PK-5 makerspaces

Making in early childhood

Maker ed integration‚Äč

Julia Brodsky

Art of Inquiry

Session Ideas:

Astrobiology in the making

Bullis K12 Maker Teachers


Bullis School

Session Ideas:

Teachers from the Bullis School will share the scope and sequence of their maker program and the skills they are developing from K-12, from building with blocks to senior STEM Capstone projects

Chip Chase


Capital City Public Charter School

Session Ideas:

Developing a vision for makerspaces

Professional development to engage staff


Jacob Lineberry


Capital City Public Charter School

Session Ideas


Phil Shapiro


Takoma Park Maryland Library

Session Ideas:

Inventing new sports/play activities. 

Sze Wong

Berthold Academy / Makerfaire NOVA

Session Ideas:

The Price of freedom: Balancing budgetary concerns with freedom to fail with supplies and equipment


What tools are attendees interested in learning?

  • Learning about options for free, user-friendly 3D modeling software that kids as young as 5th grade can navigate without a major learning curve. 
  • Having students design and build internet of things (IoT) systems (e.g., wireless air quality monitor) using microcontrollers (e.g., Arduino, Raspberry Pi).Hearing others' experience with these technologies with examples that have been successful. For example, are a lot students interested in learning computer programming for IoT applications and what are their practical limitations (i.e., What is doable for a year long course?). I'm essentially looking to gauge interest, to understand typical student capabilities and willingness to learn, and looking for other ideas to bounce off of. Some brainstormed ideas here.
  • Fiber arts, or anything financially family-friendly
  • 3D printing
  • Robotics
  • LED
  • Coding
  • Digital arts
  • Circuits and robots
  • Interested in learning about Makey Makeys
  • Any and all. I am new to this space.
  • I'm interested in learning anything new to integrate STEAM.
  • Interactive websites and tools
  • microbits, minecraft, makecode arcade, bloxels, tinkercad
  • Any/all..
  • 3D printer
  • computer science and robotics
  • Fabrication techniques for robotics (aluminum, precision machining)

Sharing a Session

Leading a Session

When signing up on our registration form, please consider signing up to present a session based on one of the following tracks:

  1. Starting a makerspace in my school or classroom
  2. Developing curriculum for maker education
  3. Sharing instructional best practices for maker education
  4. Becoming more proficient on specific tools or skills
  5. Networking with other maker educators

Sessions will last 50 minutes, and our team will do the best to support you in gathering supplies. 

Nervous about leading a session?

Don't be! Edcamps are informal events of like-minded educators sharing best practices. Your session doesn't need to be "conference-worthy"; you may just want to talk about a cool project you just ran, warts and all. Or you may want to discuss a book, or new tool you are considering buying. At edcamps, the expert IS the room; don't feel like you need to be the only expert on display.